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yesterday alone. it issued 189 in all of february. >>> and henryville indiana was one of the communities that was hardest hit yesterday. much of the town was decimated in just a matter of minutes. we'll have a live report there coming up in just a couple of seconds. but the video and all of the images we've seen this morning are absolutely -- i mean, impressive, breathtaking. things you really only see in movies. >> the clear picture of absolute devastation. we've been following lester holt all morning long. nbc news has had crews there on the scene. you can see high schools completely leveled. school buses completely turned over on their side. just a tragic, tragic situation out there. >> let's go to a live report now. nbc news's kyra kinear. >> reporter: forecasters had been predicting a severe storm to come through. what actually happened last night could have never been guessed. as we take a look at the images here, you can see behind me, this used to be henryville high school, what is left of it. the adjacent building is the middle school. the roof completely blown off. to the north
, nbc news, henryville, indiana. >> through all the death and destruction, there are also stories of survival. a 2-year-old was found wandering in a field in salem, indiana. her entire family was killed in the tornadoes and her home was destroyed. the little girl is currently in critical condition and the hospital is taking donations to help her out. >>> the red cross responded immediately to the devastation, opening new centers in 11 states to help those affected by the tornadoes. in fact, news4's derrick ward joins us live from the red cross on east-west highway in silver spring, maryland. derrick, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. as is often and always, really, in the aftermath of the devastation like we're seeing with those tornadoes, there are those heart-wrenching stories of loss and harrowing stories of survival, like that toddler. well, now it is time to turn that empathy into action. take a look at that scene. 39 people dead across indiana, kentucky, alabama, georgia, ohio, tennessee, and estimates are that about 95 twisters actually did touch down. and the
into southeastern indiana but nobody could have foreseen what happened next. we are standing in henryville, indiana, right in front of what used to be henryville high school. as you can see, it is almost leveled to the ground. now there were students inside but they were given proper time to evacuate. about 20 remained in the building. there are no injuries reported at the high school. the image breathtaking. and as the sunrises today, the reality begins to sink in for the citizens of henryville. >> it's hard. it's just hard on everybody. everything is gone. you know, everything is just gone. >> the forecast for southern indiana called for severe weather. but what followed early friday evening could not have been predicted. >> didn't really think it was going to happen because tornado warnings come out all the time and never hits us. >> reporter: tornadoes ripped through a four-county radius leveling small farming communities. there were as many tornados in the last 24 hours than in the average month of march. the people here are shocked at how quickly the devastation happened. >> things were falli
? highlights from their march madness matchup with indiana, when we return. >>> fairfax county schools are investigating claims of a racial incident in a high school english class. a ninth grader said that he was reading a langston hughes poem when his teacher interrupted and told him to read it blacker. the 14-year-old was the only black student in the class, and when the student refused to continue, the teacher read it herself. the student's mother complained to school administrators. >>> a shooting at a d.c.ihop has led antihate crime advocates to organize a rally. police say someone shot a man at the restaurant in columbia heights last weekend. a march is scheduled for tuesday evening at that ihop. the event is also in support of a gay man and transgender woman who were also victims of hate crimes. organizers say money raised at the rally will help pay for hospital bills. >>> hundreds are hoping to hit the jackpot when a new casino opens at arundel mills in june, and we're not talking about the gamblers. the maryland live casino held a job fair yesterday. they're looking to fill mo
now from one of the hardest hit places over the weekend, henryville, indiana. >> reporter: this morning, cleanup crews will storm the hardest hit areas of tornado alley, sifting through miles of debris, all that's left from so many communities and lives ripped apart by the storms. >> tragic, terrible. i mean, it's just like, one minute you're here and then you're gone. >> reporter: a disaster spread by at least 100 tornadoes that left deep, painful scars across at least a dozen states. >> he was the greatest love of my life. >> reporter: cheryl pickett's husband, ron, wasn't supposed to be home when the storms hit. >> he shouldn't have been here. he came home early from work because he didn't feel good and wanted to take a nap. >> reporter: he died when a twister ripped apart their home, and now cheryl, who had been planning a celebration for their 40th wedding anniversary. >> we were going to have a hell of a party. >> reporter: now, instead, she must prepare for a funeral. across tornado alley, for many, the only thing left to hold on to is each other, and they understan
's final four dreams have been dashed. >> hakeem dermish has highlights from their matchup with indiana in this morning's "sports minute." >> good morning, everyone. your "sports minute" begins with nfl news. quarterback rex grossman has reportedly agreed to a one-year deal with the redskins. grossman threw 16 touchdowns and 20 interceptions last season. >>> now to the ncaa tournament. today, georgetown matches up against 11-seed nc state. the hoyas are coming off a 15-point win against belmont. now, georgetown trying to earn a spot in the sweet 16 for the first time since 2007. the hoyas and wolfpack scheduled to tip off this afternoon at 12:15. >>> in portland, oregon, the vcu taking on four-seed indiana. 20 seconds to go, game tied at 61. will sheehy knocks down the jumper, part of a 15-4 hoosiers run. last chance for the rams. rob brandonberg for the win. no good. they edge vcu and the hoosiers will play number one seed kentucky in the sweet 16. the wildcats' only loss in the regular season was to the hoosiers. >>> women's ncaa tournament, two-seed maryland hosting 15-seed navy. aly
devastating tornadoes in indiana as they tore a path of destruction across the state. >>> food for thought. how a group of fairfax county kids could help decide what's on the >>> the "today" show is next on nbc 4. let's find out what they're working on. >> amy robach joins us live from new york city. good morning, amy. >> good morning to you. coming up here on "today," an american soldier suspected of killing 16 afghan civilians is back in the states. this morning we know his identity and we have more information about what led to last weekend's shootings in afghanistan. >>> and then is taking a vitamin part of your daily routine? you may want to rethink it after a new "dateline" investigation. find out why some say vitamin supplements can do more harm than good. >>> plus the cinnamon challenge. a dare that's been making the rounds on youtube involving trying to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon. it sounds simple but coming up we'll tell you why the attempt can be dangerous for your health. >>> "titanic" is the most famous ship wreck in history and now parts of the ship will be sold to the hi
wake. this morning we're seeing new video of those devastating tornadoes in indiana as they tore a path of destruction across the state. >>> gas prices reach record highs. what's to blame for the pain at the pump and when those prices should finally start to fall. >>> the biggest story of the week had to be the primaries in alabama and mississippi as well as caucuses in hawaii. the story line is what we saw after super tuesday. mitt romney is winning the delegate math but not the perception. >> the perception is the issue for him. he still can't put away rick santorum. >> and now the race moves on to illinois. that might be the biggest consequence of what happened in alabama and mississippi. the race continues to move on. >> don't forget about puerto rico tonight. 20 delegates up for grabs. and the candidates have spent a lot of time there. the obama re-election campaign also ramped up this week. vice president we saw on the campaign trail with his first major speech and a 17-minute at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call greater washington
disaster area in southern indiana, ensuring federal aid for those who need it. several tornadoes ripped through the state last week, killing at least a dozen people. the federal aid, it includes grant for home repairs, temporary housing and low-cloos loans to help people cover property losses, and president obama also declared disaster areas in kentucky. >>> a scary moment for travelers in houston as lightning struck four different planes in the air. the faa said two of the fights had to make emergency landings shortly after leaving bush intercontinental airport two others were hit while flying near hobby airport coming in from atlanta. the faa is making sure the planes are in okay shape to return to the air. >>> 18 after the hour right now chuck is here to tell us about the split decision weekend. >> split decision? what do you mean split decision? all weekend long, we're splitting it in half. a saturday and sunday half. >> will today be colder? >> a little chilly outside for today. we're talking about how much warm ter it will be tomorrow, coming up. >>> welcome back. as you get ready
claritin clear. >>> and we're back with dramatic views of that tornado hitting indiana earlier this month. this is from a camera mounted inside the school bus. see the twister start to move that bus. windows start to shatter and debris started swirling, clouding the camera lens. seconds later, calmness follows. that tornado destroyed much of the junior high school. if you recall, we were working that saturday morning, the day after this happened, and we saw that bus that had been thrown into that diner. and just recently, they leased the awedoff tudio, trying to ge kids off the bus, the bus driver. >> if you are out in your car and you see something happening, what is the best thing to do? get out of your car or bus, because you don't want to be part of it, if it starts tumbling along. in a culvert is actually safer to be than inside your car. hard to explain to people when it's sideways rain out there. >>> for our weekend, you both have been asking me, is it really going to rain all weekend long? the answer is no, not all weekend, but there are a couple of shower chances here front half
hitting indiana earlier this month. from a camera mounted inside a school bus, you can see the twister start to move the bus. windows shattered and debris swirling inside. it clouded up the camera lens. seconds later, the calmness came back. the tornado destroyed much of a junior high school. no one hurt. incredible how fast that goes by. >> what is even more incredible. i think it was moments or hours before, that was full of children, and they were able to get the kids to the school safely. >> time stamp in the upper window, 3:15, right when they were leasing. a lot of bus drivers -- sending kids home early. knew there would be bad weather. bus drivers saw the bad weather developing and turned around, went back to the school, and no doubt, saved a lot of potential injuries. >> the bus driver is talking to the children, i see the tornado. the kids, how amazing how calm they remained and listened to everything she said. >> a lot of times, when you have the big storms, you lose perspective. it's such a big storm like that those tornadoes running about 45 or 50 miles an hour. they did a
past indiana for a 102-90 win. tomorrow kentucky will play baylor for a trip to e the final four. the tarheels to defeat the ohio bobcats. with ohio leading late tarheels tied it up and took control of the game. final score, 73-65. they'll play the kansas jay hawk who is had trouble with their opponent north carolina state. the jay hawks led most of the game. kansas hung on to win 60-57. >>> right now montgomery college in rockville is hosting the latest nbc washington pnc bank community shred. it's going to happen until 11:00 this morning. so you have just over an hour to get down there. joining us is dr. judy ackerman. the provost of montgomery campus. thanks for being with us this morning. tell us what is going to happen to all that stuff after shredding. what do you do with all that? >> well, it's really exciting. people are arriving with big boxes. they're waiting patiently in line taking it to the shredder. >> not much time for people to get there. but i see a lot of cars moving in. a lot of people coming in, right? >> there are lots of people coming in. as long as they're
a major disaster area in southern indiana ensuring federal aid for those who need it. several tornadoes ripped through the state last week killing at least 12 people. federal aid includes grants for home repair, temporary housing and low cost loans to mem people cover property losses. the president also declared disaster areas in kentucky which was also devastated by severe storms. >>> you've heard stories about disruptive passengers on planes but some american airlines passengers experienced a rambling and a distraught flight attendant. >> get out of my way! >> a passenger captured this video as crew members tried to restrain the flight attendant. it was departing dallas for chicago yesterday. passengers say the flighted a tent can't got on the loud speaker and started falk talking about mechanical problems, 9/11, and american airlines financial issues. she even told passengers the plane was going to crash. the pilot turned back to the gate as passengers helped other crew members subdue the flight attendant. >> helped restrain her. grabbed her arms. grabbed her arms. there were about f
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